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Clive James and HE Michael L'Estrange
Clive James AM

For his distinguished career in the United Kingdom and for his support for the families and victims of Bali Bombing in 2002, the Australia Day Foundation selected Clive James AM as 2004 Australian of the Year in the UK.

Clive James is an Australian who has made his mark in the United Kingdom as a journalist, poet, novelist, lyricist, writer, reviewer and TV presenter.

He was born in Sydney and educated at the University of Sydney andCambridge University. He was President of the famous Cambridge Footlights Dramatic Club.

He has lived in the United Kingdom since 1962, and, from 1972 to 1982 he initially came to prominence as the discerning, witty television critic for The Observer.

As a writer, his most famous works form a three-part autobiography (Unreliable Memoirs, Falling Towards England and May Week was in June).

Clive James is a household name throughout the UK principally because of his television programmes and series, which include – the late Clive James, Saturday Night Clive, the “Postcard From” series and Clive James Talking.

Clive James says that he is very serious about his work in criticism and all fields, but poetry is the centre of everything and last year he published ‘The Book of my Enemy’, collected verse from 1958 – 2003.

Following the Bali Bomb tragedy in 2002, Clive James has written a number of articles about this outrage.

He went further though, and participated in the moving Service at St Paul’s Cathedral for the Bali bomb victims and their families, and then organised a fund-raising event in Australia House for the victims.


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Rohan Courtney and Hazel Murphy
Hazel Murphy AM

Hazel Murphy has the characteristics that Australians admire – foresight, determination, application, and persistence – and over 17 years she made an outstanding contribution to Australia’s wine industry in the UK.

For these reasons the Australia Day Foundation selected Hazel Murphy, AM as the recipient of the inaugural 2005 Honorary Australian of the Year in the UK  award.

Hazel Murphy was born in Manchester and in the early 1980’s she joined the Australian Trade Commission in London where she focused on developing the UKmarket for Australian wines.

In 1986 Hazel was appointed to establish the Australian Wine Bureau in London. In this role, over a seventeen-year period, she was responsible for the generic marketing of our wines in Europe.

It was a period of spectacular growth – when Hazel started the Bureau, Australia’s wine exports to the UK were less than 1 million litres. When she left the position last year, Australia’s wine exports to the UK was more than 160 million litres, and Australia was rivaling France as the leading supplier of wines to the UK.

In 1996 Australia recognized Hazel’s contribution to our wine industry by awarding her an AM – Member of the Order of Australia. In the same year, the wine industry presented Hazel with the prestigious Maurice O’Shea award.


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